Sport Psychology & Mental Performance Coaching


Mindset:  The coherency between Body, Emotion and Thought.  Understanding and applying this knowledge to empower the athlete/client to influence the controllables.  Principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, Visualization, Somatic Psychology, and Coaching are used among other multidisciplinary approaches to assist athletes and performers to create and embody the necessary mindsets for training, competition, recovery, and peak performance


When ability and skill set are high and confidence is low mental performance coaching is the key.  The ability for an athlete/performer to draw on, and trust their talent, their training, their preparation, and their coaches and support team when the demands are high requires a specific way of thinking.  Mindset can be trained and confidence can be learned


Motivation is the "Why", and focus is the "How".  The relationship between motivation and focus is a powerful one.  Assisting athletes/clients to nail down their motivation (their powerful "Why") as a gateway to improved focus.  Athletes and performers train to sustain and manage focal levels depending on internal and external factors, and the demands of training, competition, and performance 

Anxiety/Stress Management

Managing performance anxiety and the significant stressors (both mental and physical) that are inherent in the life of an athlete or an elite performer is a fundamental skill.  Stress and anxiety management skills assist the athlete/performer to sustain the rigors of training, to face the pressure of competition, to manage setbacks, injuries and lifestyle and performance stressors while continuing to perform consistently and enjoy their experience of competitive sport and elite activities 

Goal Setting

Goal setting is more than knowing the desired outcome and the steps to be taken to get there.  It requires the foundation of a powerful "Why".  A "Why" built on the athlete's values  and drivers, and that acknowledges and anticipates both the rewards to be gained and the necessary sacrifices to be made.  Once the "Why" is clear breaking down the goal into concrete, meaningful and measurable action steps can begin.  The powerful energy of the "Why" serving as the motivation for the "How"  

Recovery: Mental/Physical

Mental Recovery in sport involves an approach and mindset that allows the athlete to tolerate setbacks, mistakes, injuries, unplanned for circumstances and less than ideal conditions and still perform at their peak.  Whether it is recovery mid competition after a fall, a setback or a mechanical issue that requires a quick "mental reset"; or recovery post an injury, the ability to "shake it off", shift mindsets, adapt, refocus and recover is a key skill set for all athletes and elite performers