Individual & Couples Therapy

Individual Therapy:  Utilization of evidence based therapies and strategies to assist clients in managing mood, restructuring thoughts and shifting behaviours. With a primary focus on the now, past experiences may be explored to the extent that they continue to interfere with the present; Creating an opportunity for individuals to reconcile old beliefs, emotions, experiences, or patterns, and freeing clients to live more fully in the present, with optimism and strategies to create their best future

Couples Therapy:  Practical and research supported interventions and applications for couples aimed at proactively protecting, strengthening and healing their primary relationship

Personal & Professional Coaching

Ontological and transformational coaching strategies that focus on the whole of the individual are utilized to assist clients in shifting their mindset/disposition.  Through the domains of the Body, Emotion and Thought new "ways of being" allow for intentional actions to be taken  and predispose new and powerful results

Sport Psychology & Perfomance Coaching

Sport Psychology and Mental Performance Coaching involves utilizing principles from a variety of disciplines that focus on the interplay between thought, emotions and body for the sake of supporting peak performance and enhancing the athlete's or individual's, the group or team experience of training, development, preparation, performance and competition.  Sport Psychology and Performance Coaching have applications on the playing field, on stage, in boardrooms, in learning and training settings, and within personal and professional relationships

Additional Services


Utilization of the natural and relaxed state of hypnotherapy to support and create positive changes


Workshops and presentations can be tailored to organizations, groups and team needs.  Some current areas of focus include:

  • Training to the Whole of the Athlete -Mental Performance Training
  • Parenting and Coaching the Young Athlete
  • Mindset Training 
  • Team Building and Trust
  • Leadership and EQ 
  • Coaching Bootcamp 101
  • Relationship Inoculation for Couples
  • Managing Anxiety and Stress naturally