What Is Coaching?

Coaching focuses meaningful intention, purposeful attention, and coherent action in the areas that matter, to get the results that are desired

“We can’t solve problems by using the same thinking we used when we created them” – Albert Einstein

Sometimes a different kind of conversation is needed to get different results, to create something new, to change course or reach a new level.  Unlike the social conversations we engage in every day or the conversations we have with ourselves as we try to “figure things out” coaching conversations include the “big and sometimes difficult” questions.  By engaging in coaching conversations we can rise above the old and familiar ways of thinking and feeling and transcend the well practiced habits or ways of "showing up" that although may have worked in the past, are not getting us the new results we most desire

“We have coaching conversations when we want to get different results, or when we want to create something new” – Adapted from J. Ollala, Founder of the Newfield Network

We live in an information saturated age.  We have instant access to experts in any field or industry and can access a tried and tested  action plan at the touch of our nearest device.  It is seldom that it is merely an information gap getting in the way of our most desired results.  So if information is not lacking, what is getting in the way of achieving results?

As a Newfield Certified Coach (NCC) trained in Ontological Coaching a primary focus of the coaching relationship is to support and sometimes challenge my clients in shifting the way they observe themselves and the world around them 

Through the domains of the Body, Emotion and Thought we design our life. Coaching creates awareness of these domains and the interplay and coherency between them.  New perspectives create new "ways of being", new possibilities for action, and powerful and intentional results follow

Professional Coaching services available with focus on Personal, Career, and Mental Performance Coaching